Welcome to the one of the best Skin Beauty Salon near Singapore’s Top Prime Location, Ochard Road – Iconic Boutique.

Our salon boasts one of the most luxurious of services and treatments this country has to offer. We specialize especially in our Skin Pigmentation Removal Treatment, but be it our Anti-Aging or Skin-Whitening treatment programs or a much-needed pampering of a facial treatment, our beauty therapists will always be ready for you.

Simply give us a call, sit back, and relax while our experts take care of your skin.

Our Services

our services

Our consultants are always ready to advise which treatment would greatly benefit you in full consideration of your needs and skin condition. Be it removing imperfections or building upon what's already beautiful, our artisans are masters in providing that finishing touch you need for the Better You.

Skin Maintenance is one of the most important facets of having a healthy, flawless complexion, so even if there aren't any immediate concerns, it never hurts to indulge yourself in one of our facial treatments!

Our Vision

our vision

“There are no unsalvageable skin conditions -- only perfect solutions.” We aim to fulfil and please our esteemed clientele’s wishes and demands, with the best of services and treatments we can offer.

our core values

We believe no service is complete without a set of values serving as our guideposts in our daily decision-making. We strive to instil the same into our specialists, so that they may serve to better represent the salon as a whole.

Our Core Values
To serve as the best consultant there is in Beauty and Skincare, our clients need to know nothing but the truth of their conditions and their available treatments.
We’re here to stay, so each and every client is our lifelong quest to perfect their beauty.
It is what our clients expect of us, and so it is what we deliver. Leave the specifics to us, and relax while you’re with us.
With experiences in handling a myriad of requests, each with their own requirements and different skin conditions, our beauty therapists are equipped with the proper knowledge on how to deliver their expertise beyond technical skills.
Why Us

why us

We aim to be the best Skin Beauty Salon in Singapore, and for that, we work towards perfecting our many available treatments our clients could ever possibly need. Be it skin whitening, removing pigmentations, or simply maintaining your Youth, we use only the best premium European beauty products fit only for our esteemed guests, even for a simple session of a much-needed luxurious pampering.

We simply pride ourselves in knowing everything there needs to be known about all things skincare, so all our clients can relax knowing they’re in good care.

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