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Pigmentation Treatment

Clear White Facial

Clear White Facial
Advanced smart peel for hyper pigmentation and severe photo aging.
- Blocks the different stages involved in the melanogenesis process, impeding melanin formation.
- Accelerate epidermal renewal, removing preformed blemishes and leading to a bright, smooth and even tone.
- It also lightens the pigmentation of acne scars, sun overexposure, and skin spots related to medications and hormonal changes.

Pigmentation / Deep acne scars skin / Anti-ageing


Retipeel provides a unique formulation which combines Tranexamic acid and Retinol with the most powerful anti-ageing and depigmentation active principles (Retinyl propionate+Ascorbyl Glucoside+Niacinamide+Citric acid+Tartaric acid +Chamomilla recuita flower extract+ Willow herb). The formulation removes all types of melanic hyper-pigmentation and effectively treats severe photo-ageing, acne scars.