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Facial Treatment

Excel Therapy O2 Cityproof Intensive Facial

Excel Therapy
- Improves cell metabolism and oxygenation.
- Stimulates the natural process of skin regeneration.
- Reinforces the skin’s defences, activating the immune system.
- Eliminates the dull appearance and greyish tone of the skin.
- Stimulation of micro-circulation.

Dull, Dry skin


MPC- Defense Complex (improves the skin’s vital processes): an advanced complex consisting of:

Biologically active multi-functional cytokines that work in an “intelligent” and personalised way re-establishing cellular communication. Revolutionary lipid nanostructures that help cytokines penetrate through the layers of the skin, while favouring its defence against external aggressions. Life-Cytoxygen (activates the skin’s oxygenation):

True deposits of molecular oxygen encapsulated in innovative ceramides that work from the skin’s surface to the deepest layers, penetrating the skin and helping it recover oxygen and appear rejuvenated and radiant.