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Facial Treatment

Best Facial Treatment Singapore

Indulge in one of the best Facial Treatment Services Singapore has to offer! Even when there are no obvious imperfections, we offer a generalized Facial Treatment Service for Skin Maintenance just as important as our other specialized services. You’ve heard the saying: Prevention is better than Cure, and this is especially true in matters of skin health as it may take a period of time for your complexion to recover from a period of neglect, so don’t take too long to freshen up your skin!

Types of Facial Treatment

Any of our facial treatment services are the start of proper skin healthcare. Be it as a way to reduce the effects of the city’s pollution on your skin or as a method to prevent acne and blackheads from occuring in the first place, our facial treatments are the best and easiest way to replenish your skin’s glow.

If you are one to be out and about in the city often, consider the Excel Therapy O2 Cityproof Intensive Facial. It is best suited for anyone living in a metropolitan city such as Singapore.

Benefits of Facial Treatment

Regular facial treatments help in reducing the effects of everyday life’s stresses down to a minimum. Be it sun exposure, pressure from work or at home, or even environmental factors like colleagues and passerby’s smoking around you - these stressors harm your skin bit by bit by aging your cells and inflaming past skin conditions. Facial Treatments help mitigate these symptoms, preventing violent flare ups that may take long to recover.

Why Choose Facial Treatment at Iconic Boutique

At Iconic Boutique, we understand the wishes of our clientele better than anyone in the industry. Only by listening, refining, and then implementing the needs of our clients, can we begin to aim to offer the best Skin Facial Treatment Service in Singapore. Here, we make sure to craft your visit here to be the most luxurious, relaxing experience you’ll ever have, all while situated near the center of Singapore’s Hotspot, Orchard Road!

Be it to freshen up before a day’s out shopping, or even to end it with a high note, our doors are open for you.