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Facial Treatment

SSR Beauty Glow Full Facial

Excel Therapy
- Regains skin tightness & firmness.
- Refines skin texture (smoother skin, refine pores and soften comedones).
- Softens comedones which are easier to extract.
- Brighten dull skin and even skin tone.
- Dispel the acne scars, spots and freckles.
-That's not all — customers can choose from any of the following facial treatments that we offer in this city: SSR Rejuvenation Facial, SSR Whitening Facial, SSR Lifting Facial, SSR Lightening Facial, SSR Tightening Facial.
-Whichever treatments you find your skin needing, we are glad to offer you the best skin treatments at our disposal.

Combination Skin / Acne Scar / Dull Skin / Freckles Skin / Anti-Aging Skin


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