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Anti Aging Treatment

Timexpert V-Matrix Intensive Facial

Time Expert VMatrix
- Face lifting to reduce the sagging or folds on skin on the cheeks and jawline
- Helps in firming the face to produce a V-shaped that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin

Saggy and mature skin


V-Matrix works on the root of the problem of flaccidity, firming the skin again. -Purified oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus esculentus, stimulators of the synthesis and organisation of collagen and oxytalan, specific fibres of the papillary dermis, to restore the skin’s supplenes -A peptide obtained by molecular engineering that reactivates the creation of structure proteins (elastin, collagen, FBLN5, LOKL1, talin and zixin), responsible for the correct assembly, anchoring and stabilisation of the reticular dermis.

Features are lifted. Wrinkles are less visible.