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Whitening Treatment

Timexpert White Intensive Facial

Time Expert White
- PREVENTS the appearance of darkspots blocking the melanogenesis process before it starts.
- REGULATES the appearance of darkspots reducing tyrosinase synthesis and counteracting its activity. Melanin production is reduced.
- CORRECTS the intensity of darkspots renewing the surface of the skin, reducing the tone of darkspots/ whitening/ prevent and correct malanin synthesis

Oily skin / Skin with pigmentation / uneven skin tone


Wild Bellis Perennis: Inhibits the melanogenesis by influencing the mediators ET-1 endothelins and alpha–MSH neuropeptides. Liquorice Derivative: Limits the amount of pro-inflammatory mediators that are freed after exposure to the sun. Vitamin C (VC-IP Derivative): Counteracts the activity of the tyrosinase. Opuntia Flower Extract: Retextures the skin’s surface and helps it to recover its natural renewal capacity. Favours luminosity. Liquorice Root Extract: Rich in glabridin, a powerful anti-oxidising element that significantly reduces the production of melanin in the skin.