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Combination Skin
Skin Analysis

Combination Skin

Combination Skin Common Problems

  • T-zone(forehead, chin and nose) is oily and cheeks are slightly dry
  • Common in men and women where the area is usually oiler than the rest of the face
  • May require to use separate products for your T-zone and your cheek area
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Balance the moisture of the skin, minimize the pores on the T-zone with Hydracure Intense Hydration, Ultrasound with Bergamot AMP or Hydrafacial. The “T” part in the middle of the face needs to suppress sebum secretion so that the skin is refreshed and not shiny. Dry areas such as cheeks and cheekbones need to be hydrated.

Diet Habit

A diet tailored to combination skin should be well-balanced and focused on keeping the different aspects of skin in harmony. Lean protein, fresh greens, cruciferous vegetables and antioxidant rich fruits for example broccoli, kale, carrots, salmon fish and trout are great for your skin. Instead of white rice, switching to brown rice as it is naturally gluten-free. Keep yourself hydrated at all times by drinking ample amount of water.