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Sensitive Skin
Skin Analysis

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Common Problem

  • Prone to rashes and bumps
  • Beauty Products sting or burn
  • You have dry patches
  • Your skin feels itchy
  • Break out easily
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Sooth and hydrate the skin. We recommend Hydracure or Hydra Beauty treatment (one or two months once) as its specialty is to exfoliate, pore cleanse and also penetrate the differentiated solution into skin by using principle of electroporation. Besides, look out for skin care products that may causes irritation. You may seek a dermatologist so that you are well informed of things to avoid for your skin.

Diet Habit

Do check if you have any allergies to any food products such as nuts and seeds. Alternatives that you may consume are fruit, vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids as it is the key to keep skin hydrated and provide all the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform a healthy function. Antioxidants such as berries, beetroot and tomatoes are important for slowing and preventing free-radical damage and maintaining healthy cells. Supplements such as vitamin A,C,E,B are great as well for overall well-being.